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Stellenbosch University LaunchLab

Welcome to Africa's Leading University-Backed Incubator

Stellenbosch University LaunchLab is building the next generation of sustainable, high-impact companies tackling the world’s toughest challenges in Agri, Climate & Health with a heavy dose of engineering and data science.

We believe entrepreneurism is a learned science that not only helps build great companies but also allows us to navigate the complexities of life. Whether you’re a student with an idea, an entrepreneur with an early-stage business, a University looking to build its own incubator or an established organisation eager to infuse innovation into its culture then we have an entrepreneurial tool that can serve your needs. Our suite of programs mirror the entrepreneurial journey. We help INSPIRE, BUILD, GROW & SUPPORT with a wide range of offerings and stand ready to support at all times.

Are you ready to build?

We have a proven track record of successfully building high-growth companies. Our investors gain from their investments, our entrepreneurs build income-generating businesses and our partners embed entrepreneurism within their organisation:


Businesses Incubated


of Risk Capital Raised


combined annual turnover


direct jobs created

Shared Services Platform offering fundraising, talent and advisory
Community of world-class, experienced entrepreneurs, dreamers, tinkerers and doers

What We Offer

SU LaunchLab will be the leading 0 to 1 incubator for the Global South.

We focus on developing both the entrepreneur as well as the business. We are passionate about equipping everyone with the entrepreneurial skills necessary to make sense of ambiguity and volatility. Design Thinking and customer discovery is the core tool we use to navigate complexity. The only way to learn entrepreneurism is to do it so we offer a full suite of programs both on-demand and multiple times per year.

We inspire you to see the new future

Inspirational Webinars & Informative Talks:
See our SU Entrepreneurship Hub for the latest events.

Office Hours, LaunchLab Happy Hour, Global Fellowship or Startup Internship.


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We help you brainstorm the unknown

2 day event to stress test new ideas. Challenges can be self directed or come from our partners.

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Student Pitch Competition
An opportunity for students or organisations to validate their ideas by taking a Design Thinking course with a final pitch as the culmination

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Design Thinking workshop
2-day workshop focused on utilising this innovative technique to solve a design challenge.

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Countdown: Business Validation
8-week Design Thinking program to answer the important question, “I have an idea but is it a business?”

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Lift-Off: Business Growth
I have a business that needs to grow. This is a 22-week course tailored to the micro and small enterprise market. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer or innovative entrepreneur then this course will help you grow your business

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We help you build a new reality

Supernova: 0 to 1 Incubation
Our business is world-shaping and we want to take it to the next level

Our 44-week program is exclusive for companies that have a team, a product, revenue, some funding and a dream to take it all to the next level. The program is open to both Technology Transfer as well as entrepreneurs from around the globe.

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Techpreneurship Centre – upskilling and placing software developers with mission-aligned organizations

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We’re behind you for the whole journey

Orbit: Alumni Club
We want to remain part of the SU LaunchLab network for further business development opportunities

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Satellite: Hot Desk Community
An inspiring co-working space focused on entrepreneurial growth

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What We Can Do For You


We are the Co-Founder you need but either can’t afford or can’t find. We are committed to helping you build a scalable, sustainable, high-impact business. Entrepreneurism is hard; let us help make it a bit easier (and more fun).

We also believe that entrepreneurism is a life skill not just for building companies but for making better and more agile decisions.


Want to invest in a startup? Give back though mentoring or providing expert support? Infuse your organisation with Design Thinking? Sponsor a workshop or event?

Our Circle of Partners consists of 30+ international investors, foundations, development finance institutions and commercial partners that offer our startups access to mentoring, markets & funding. Come have a chat with us if you want to learn more.

Stellenbosch University
Entrepreneurship Hub

The only way to learn about entrepreneurism is to experience it. Stellenbosch University LaunchLab serves as a hub connecting various elements of entrepreneurism at the University and the local community. We are your single source of truth for anything entrepreneurial in or around campus.

Our goal is to provide over 10,000 students with a taste of startup life by 2025. Whether you’re an experienced alumni or first year undergraduate, if you’re passionate about being an entrepreneur then we want to speak with you.

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