Facilitating Valuable Connections for Startups in South Africa

LaunchLab facilitates valuable connections between startups and corporates.


LaunchLab is an initiative of Innovus, the industry interaction and innovation company of Stellenbosch University.


In partnership with Nedbank.


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Startups & Entrepreneurs

Whether all you have is an idea, or you’ve already got an early-stage business up and running…

The LaunchLab takes entrepreneurs through the process of building a proven business – from validating your concept to proving your business model in your industry or market.  We connect you to key people within our corporate partners to get real feedback from potential customers.

Whether you’re just at the idea stage, or you’re looking for better market access or an introduction to Africa’s top investors, we can help you launch your business.

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Corporate Partners

Invest in, support and access talent and innovation in your industry

Become one of our corporate partners and gain a whole new level of insight into the latest ideas, technology and disruption happening in your industry.

As a LaunchLab partner, you’ll get direct access to world-class innovation and top startups, as well as the opportunity to invest in new startups and become a mentor and help young companies grow.

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