SU LaunchLab transforms seemingly impossible ideas into world-shaping companies.  Harnessing the power of Stellenbosch University and its extensive reach to leaders and influencers in the private and public sector, SU LaunchLab seeks to nurture a robust ecosystem of innovation by recruiting high calibre startups to form part of the SU LaunchLab ecosystem, which seeks to make Stellenbosch the go-to region for socially conscious, for-profit startup activity.

SU LaunchLab is looking for a Fellow with a strong background in project management, innovation & execution to find startups and entrepreneurs across Africa, bent on transforming the seemingly impossible into world-shaping.

The fellow will develop a scalable and replicable sourcing pipeline to identify, engage and recruit high calibre startups and entrepreneurs, focussed on solving climate change challenges, developing Agricultural services and products and bleeding-edge biomedical technologies and solutions.

These startups and entrepreneurs will participate in the programmatic interventions offered by LaunchLab. The Startup Pipeline Fellow will work directly with the CEO & Director of Innovation to develop, implement and roll-out the program in order to achieve the SU LaunchLab goals.

Title: SU LaunchLab – Startup Pipeline Fellow
Reporting: CEO & Director of Innovation
Output: Scalable startup recruitment pipeline and a clear process for future SU LaunchLab cohorts
Hours: 4-6 hours per week for 8 weeks (32-48 hours total)
Rate: R2,000 per month stipend


We have built a suite of world-class online programmes, which act as the platform for building world-shaping businesses focused on solving the world’s wicked problems. We have invested in building broad relationships across the investor ecosystem in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa who will make strategic equity investments in the startups we produce. Now, we need to find those high-quality startups and entrepreneurs to turn into the change-makers of tomorrow.

A successful pipeline sourcing program will ensure that 10 high quality, mission-aligned StartUps and entrepreneurs join the LaunchLab ecosystem each year. We expect a < 10% application success rate so would look to generate a pipeline of over 100+ early-stage companies from across Africa. The sourcing pipeline should be sufficiently scalable to be expanded to various emerging market environments.

The fellowship offers an incredible opportunity for a talented, hard-working, self-starter to join the SU LaunchLab team for 2 months. This will provide an excellent ‘startup’ experience and could lead to a longer-term contract.

Scope of Work and deliverables:

1. Create a scalable, replicable process to source and recruit world-shaping startups and entrepreneurs

    • Research industry best practices in order to innovate and iterate the process
    • Develop a clear Gantt chart for the process at the single startup and entrepreneur level
    • Create scalable process flow document(s) for team members to assist in the recruitment process
    • Develop a G-Drive folder with all necessary information for the program, including processes and templates for the following:
    • Startup/Entrepreneur sourcing and ecosystem mapping
    • Startup/Entrepreneur onboarding process, including analysis of appropriate programme type
    • Startup/Entrepreneur ecosystem integration process
    • Quantitative analysis of potential startup companies and viability for our programmes
    • Offer a final presentation to senior leadership for approval of process

2. Create a global pipeline of world-class startups/entrepreneurs

    • Develop a pipeline document with all relevant information
    • Engage with potential startups/entrepreneurs to build a deep pipeline
    • Engage with later-stage investors to align startups/entrepreneurs with investor investability criteria
    • Brainstorm innovative ways to engage with startups/entrepreneurs and source prospective pipeline for future cohorts

In order to apply, please send us a CV ( We also ask for a video (60 seconds or less) telling us about your experience and why it is relevant for this position. Lastly, you will need to submit a Motivation Letter (250 words or less) answering the simple question ‘Why?’