Are you looking for opportunities to give back to the Entrepreneurship community in Stellenbosch? Do you have startup experience, energy and passion to dig-in and support a new Entrepreneur as they get ready to launch a business? Then we have a Mentorship opportunity for you.

At Stellenbosch University LaunchLab our mission is to transform seemingly impossible ideas into world-shaping businesses. We have the amazing job of taking Intellectual Property from Stellenbosch University and commercialising it as startup companies so that it may reach a mass audience. We also work with companies from across the local and international ecosystem to help grow their business.

SU LaunchLab has been designated as the entrepreneurial hub for the University and Mentorship creates a foundational backbone to the entrepreneurs learning and growth experience. Programmes are offered in three different growth stages from idea to scale and require a variety of guiding experience, support and time. Mentors on our programs are expected to go all the way for the full duration of the course and be an active member of the Cohort community.

The mentorship provides Mentors with the opportunity to not only contribute to another entrepreneur’s journey but stretch their own personal development and skills as they coach and lead others.

To apply, please click on the button below. We are glad that you would like to apply to be a Mentor at Stellenbosch University LaunchLab. All the best, and remember to be honest and complete the whole form.