Stellenbosch University LaunchLab and the Faculty of AgriSciences present a webinar: “From University Research to Startup: The Revolute Systems Journey”

Jaco Adendorff and Berno Greyling met at Stellenbosch University where they identified and collaborated to assist farmers with a better understanding of data. This desire to make sense of agricultural data led to the creation of an AgriTech startup, Revolute Systems.

Since starting their journey in 2017 to commercialise EMI soil scanning technology, they have added layers of value for their clients. The Revolute team has been developing new technology to make precision agriculture more usable for the modern farmer. With products like production monitoring and management software, high-resolution satellite crop imaging, and newly added fruit variation mapping.

Learn about their entrepreneurial journey and how they combined their skills and research from different fields of study to create a commercially viable product.

Here is the recording: