The business show that explores what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in South Africa.

Barbernomics is a business talk show created for the YouTube platform. Each week their host takes a few minutes to sit down with a new guest at their local barbershop in Cape Town, as they discuss personal insights and entrepreneurial opportunities from the business world.

The show aims to foster dynamic and engaging conversations with entrepreneurs of all ages and walks of life while getting to the root of what moments in their past drove them to the success they enjoy today.

Barbernomics aim to showcase honest insights into the business world and the relatable stories of struggles and achievements of the guests. The show aims to inspire young entrepreneurs or anyone interested in commerce.

Watch this video that explains what Barbernomics is all about – Barbernomics Explainer Trailer

Catch the first three episodes of the first season below:

  1. Barbernomics S01 E01: Heike Hayward – Finding Your Work-Life Balance
  2. Barbernomics S01 E02: Colin Mkosi – Building Businesses that Service the Community
  3. Barbernomics S01 E03: Jeff Denning – Luno – How Crypto is Changing the World

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