Case Study: Santam Safety Challenge 2017

With the huge advancements being made in technology, IoT, wearables, drones, and beyond, Santam is looking for innovative ways to keep South Africans safer.


August 2017 to June 2018


What if you could use a print ad to test tyre tread and ensure your safety on the road? Learn more?


The idea is simple, yet it has the potential to improve the safety of South Africans in an innovative way.


Santam, South Africa’s leading short-term insurer, believes that is what  insurance good and proper means – not only being there for their clients when something goes wrong, but helping to prevent it from happening in the first place.


All it takes is one idea, which is why LaunchLab has partnered with Santam.


Do you have an idea that can improve the safety of South Africans, no matter how simple or small? Submit a short video (cellphone footage is perfect) of yourself explaining your business idea.  You can submit it through the entry form noted below, or through wetransfer once you have signed up.


With Santam’s help and R150 000 incubation support from the LaunchLab, your one-of-a-kind idea could become a one-of-a-kind safety solution.


Challenge Details


A group of executives from Santam as well as the LaunchLab hosted a workshop in Stellenbosch to engage with the startup community around this safety challenge.  We will also broadcast the workshop live on the web, and record it to share on our website.


The purpose of the workshop was to give entrepreneurs as much info as possible on what Santam is looking to partner with so that real businesses can be built and partnered with.




We received 87 entries, which we shortlisted to 14 to pitch to an executive panel from Santam.


From this group, 8 were selected for further incubation with LaunchLab.  Since going through the validation process with Lean Iterator, 5 have determined that their product has real commercial merit. We are currently working with this group on customer and product development to help test with Santam which ones have commercial potential with them.


They are:


  • More Eyes -A biometric data solution to track, alert about and predict crime.
  • My Lifeline – A tech-based lost and found service.
  • Bathopele – A device that helps track and protect assets including vehicles and home appliances.
  • Infotab – An app that facilitates personal information sharing during emergency events to reduce the time it takes to identify individuals and get them the appropriate medical assistance.
  • Solar Turtle – A rural solar power solution where micro-entrepreneurs can sell to informal sector markets.