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New startups are addressing critical issues in your industry with fresh ideas. You should be working with them.

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Pitch the biggest challenges in your industry to our brightest young minds

As part of our Ideas Programme, our corporate partners get to introduce innovation challenges for their industries, enticing entrepreneurs to tackle their toughest problems and introduce breakthrough innovations to their field.

It’s a great way to discover new talent and keep your company on the cutting edge.

Our Corporate Partners

Our focus areas

Fintech & Big Data

Digital services and mobile technology are revolutionising the way we buy, sell, save, borrow and earn, while new analytical techniques are helping companies all over the world become more efficient and profitable.

Paid Media

From social media to search to mobile ads to good old TV, ever-advancing audience targeting is helping advertising become more effective.


From advancing green power to more efficient engines, new technology is changing the way we both produce and consume energy. And it’s saving the planet.


Technology is enhancing workplace and occupational safety, reducing risk, and quietly saving lives. Come and find out if you’re really doing everything you can to ensure worker safety.

Agritech & Food

The future of food production and food security lies in the technology that doesn’t just help us grow crops, but changes the way farms work.


None of the other focus areas here will matter if we can’t provide a higher quality education for a greater number of people. From access to learning to interactive teaching, edutech is the foundation of our future.


Invest in a business. Invest in talent.
Invest in your future in your industry.

Whether you want to invest for financial return, get a front row seat to new technologies, or have your eye on a strategic acquisition, we can introduce you to most innovative companies and the brightest founders in your industry.


Becoming a mentor can make all the difference.

The guiding hand of experience can make a good idea great, it can turn loss into profit, and it can help set a young entrepreneur on the path to success. Time is also a great investment. If you want to invest yours, talk to us about becoming a mentor to one of our startups.