Dassault Systems SOLIDWORKS Donates 3D design software to LaunchLab


Dassault Systems SOLIDWORKS Donates 3D design software to LaunchLab

The LAUNCHLAB is pleased to announce that Dassault Systems SOLIDWORKS has donated full commercial SOLIDWORKS licenses to the incubator.


In a highly competitive world business are driven by innovation, the software provides the tools to design and test prototypes without having the costly job of building them.


Projects are becoming more and more complex, in order to support those projects, the LAUNCHLAB wants to provide Startups with the resources they need to produce the powerful digital fabrication work that is impacting lives around South Africa.


Designers see SOLIDWORKS as one of the most intuitive CAD programs for 3D design on the market. The easy user interface comes from the software company’s understanding of the designer’s specific application. Whether for education, rapid prototyping, design consulting or industrial product development, the user interface speeds up the design process. For companies such as Polyoak or Robertson and Caine time to market is essential for competitive advantage and SOLIDWORKS helps bring these manufacturers to positions as industry leaders. Advanced features of SOLIDWORKS software include Stress analysis testing, Plastics fill testing, Flow analysis and Photo Realistic rendering tools.


Working with our Partner the SOLIDWORKS reseller MECAD Systems workshops will be provided and opportunities made to engage with industry experts.



The Second announcement is the launch of the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneurship program.

Qualifying startups can receive their own FREE copy of SOLIDWORKS and get access to Design, Simulation and Rendering tools for the first year.

Software costs are always a hurdle in the first year of a small business and this allows the teams full access to all the tools they need to get the concept launched and initial designs done.


*Image is a 3D model from Mellowcabs, which is about to launch a pilot in Stellenbosch in partnership with Uber.

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