WEBINAR – Founder’s Forum Series: My First 90 Days

The Founder’s Forum Series forms part of the offering of USB Entrepreneur, created to proliferate the knowledge of starting a business, to growing a business, within the USB community.


Join us at the 1st workshop of the series ” My First 90 Days”:


  • Learn from a panel of entrepreneurs about their first 90 days on their entrepreneurship journey
  • Meet a like-minded community of individuals – all within the USB network
  • Become acquainted with USB Entrepreneur and the initiatives we plan to host


About the host


The evening will be hosted by Seraj Toefy, serial entrepreneur, Head of Africa for Centuro Global, and currently custodian of Entrepreneurship at the USB.


REGISTER NOW: https://www.quicket.co.za/events/102290-founders-forum-series-my-first-90-days/#/