DEDAT's Digital Support
29 April

WEBINAR: JUMP App – DEDAT’s Digital Support for Startups

Angela Abbott, Deputy Director at DEDAT will be speaking to us and Tim Parle, Chief Director: Digital Economy at Western Cape Government will be co-presenting. 

Centuro Global Lockdown
15 April

Centuro Global Lockdown Webinar Series: Rebuilding after lockdown

Join Centuro Global as they tackle the topics facing Startups, SMEs and large companies alike during this Lockdown Period.

Innovation In Africa
15 April

WEBINAR: Stellenbosch Network Business Lecture Series

Join us for the Stellenbosch Network Business Lecture Series Webinar on Innovation in Africa: Challenges, Trends, and Outlook.

Masterclass with Watson Ferguson
4 April

WEBINAR: LaunchLab Marketing Masterclass with Watson Ferguson

Learning his trade at some of the country’s top advertising agencies working with some of the globe’s favourite brands

Vision 2020 and Beyond
31 March

WEBINAR: Stellenbosch University LaunchLab – Vision 2020 and Beyond!

We are inviting the community to hear LaunchLab CEO, Josh Romisher share our very exciting Vision for 2020 and beyond webinar!