WEBINAR: Stellenbosch University LaunchLab - Vision 2020 and Beyond!

You are probably curious about what’s happening at LaunchLab. We are inviting the community to hear LaunchLab CEO, Josh Romisher share our very exciting Vision for 2020 and beyond webinar!

Please note that this talk is now a webinar and will not be held at the LaunchLab premises.

LaunchLab’s mission is to transform seemingly impossible ideas into world-shaping businesses. We aim to be the Co-Founder that every early-stage company so desperately needs yet can’t always find or afford. We know your pain, your joys, your aspirations because, we too, are entrepreneurs. Through our collective efforts, we can achieve our vision to transform Stellenbosch into the go-to destination for global startups.

This talk will be an interactive opportunity to learn more about our bold Vision for 2020 and beyond. Whether you’re a startup, aspiring student entrepreneur, lecturer, corporate or strategic partner – find out how you can get involved!

Please register for the webinar here: https://bit.ly/3bdFRQa