Where do I start?

Attend a Launchlab Talk event. See the event schedule.

Who is eligible to be in the LaunchLab?

The LaunchLab is a mixed-use university-based business incubator that supports entrepreneurs in the technology and innovation field. We focus our attention on new ventures in ICT (specifically Payments & Big Data and Paid Media), Cleantech, Agriculture and Education.

You can apply if you meet the following basic criteria:

  1. Your idea or business has strong, committed, skilled founders (1-5 members) that are willing to accept and act on the advice provided by the LaunchLab
  2. Your idea or product is competitive and presents an attractive market opportunity which has the potential to attract investment

What will it cost me to base my company in the LaunchLab?

The LaunchLab is open for university start-ups as well as other entrepreneurs and offers office and hot-seat space as well as meeting room facilities on either a “pay now” or “pay later” model. Each business or business idea is assessed on applying to the LaunchLab and the LaunchLab will propose a model and mix of programmes and services based on the outcome of the fitness assessment.

You may not wish to be a LaunchLab resident but just join our community instead. You can join our community by paying a small annual fee.

To get more information on the costs involved, please submit an application form.

What are the benefits of being part of the LaunchLab community?

To find out more about the benefits of joining the LaunchLab community, see our services.

How long can I use a Hot Seat for?

You can use a hot seat for as long as you want but all LaunchLab contracts are subject to a two month notice period and we reserve the right to ask you to leave if you are not actively growing your business or because of space constraints.

Will my business ideas and other information be kept confidential?

Throughout your association with the LaunchLab, we may be exposed to your proprietary and confidential information which is important to your professional business activities.

We do not sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) but we agree that your information will be treated with confidence unless we state otherwise or agree otherwise in writing. Our reputation is at stake and is dependent on our professional conduct and our ability to maintain the trust of the entrepreneurs with whom we work.

What do I need to do to be considered for the Internship Programme?

What type of work will I do as an intern?

This depends on your skillset but some examples are given below:

    • Market research
    • Marketing plan/strategy development
    • Marketing using social media
    • Software development
    • Product development
    • General admin
    • As stipulated by the requirements of your academic course if the internship forms part of your academic course

Will I get paid as an intern? What are the other benefits?

If the internship is part of your academic course you will not get paid. If you do adhoc intern work, you will be paid an hourly rate for the work you do. If you do a full-time internship you will negotiate a monthly salary with the company that employs you.

This is a valuable opportunity to get some business experience and develop your business skills which can be added to your CV.

When and where will I work for the company for my internship?

You will be required to work during office hours for the company. You can arrange a schedule that will suit both you and the team you will be working for. You will generally work in the office(s) of the company unless otherwise agreed with the company.

How will I be chosen for an internship?

When a company from the LaunchLab community has a need for an intern we will source interns that meet that need. If you skillset meets the need you may be chosen.