Fueling Female Startups: Training Programmes for Women Entrepreneurs

LaunchLab in partnership with FEMTECH and Future Females Winelands has launched training programmes for female entrepreneurs sponsored by Western Cape Government Department of Economic Development and Tourism.


We are offering two types of training programmes for women entrepreneurs in different stages of business.


  1. Spark Your Startup: A training programme for women who have a business idea, or a business that is not yet generating revenue. This programme is open for entry and more information can be seen below.
  2. Reach: This training programme is aimed at women who are running a tech or tech-enabled business, whose businesses are generating revenue, but which need additional impetus to stimulate growth in terms of income and job creation. The Reach training programme will only be open for application in January 2020.


Spark Your Startup!


Workshop details


The business concept must be:


  • Innovative
  • Have the potential to become an innovative product or service


Application requirements:


Entry into the training programme is done by submitting a video (up to 2 minutes) in the application form telling us about your business idea, why it will fly and why you should be on this course.


Workshop dates:


  • Saturday, 25 January 2020 (4 hours)
  • Saturday, 8 February 2020 (4 hours)


What you will achieve from participation:


You will be able to work out whether your business idea is feasible, and what will make your business viable.


These workshops will assist aspiring women entrepreneurs to better articulate their wants, understand their areas of strength and weakness relating to running a business, and build confidence about the next steps that need to be taken to start a business..


LaunchLab Build Programme:


After attending the Spark Your Startup training workshops, candidates will be invited to the LaunchLab Build programme.


The Build Programme utilises the widely used Strategyzer platform to help startup founders design a value proposition and business model while they develop a minimum viable product (MVP) and gain their first customers. We work with entrepreneurs to determine the purpose of the business and iterate through a customer validation process by getting real customer feedback, validating the value proposition in the market, and developing an MVP to demo. We help entrepreneurs determine if the product is feasible to produce and sell.


The training programmes are free and an amazing opportunity to grow as an entrepreneur and business!


Apply now to be a participant in the Spark Your Startup training workshops: https://launchlab.co.za/women-startup-workshops


Applications close on Monday, 9 December 2019.