Future Females Winelands: Inspiring Women in Leadership

Come learn about “Leadership” this Thursday, 22 August at the Future Females Winelands event! Ticket special, bubbly, cake and more surprises!


A person can live in one of two ways, consciously and unconsciously. You’ll find that there are also two kinds of leaders, those who lead consciously and those who lead unconsciously.


Join this Future Females event as we unpack what it means to be a conscious leader, as well as how to be authentic in your leadership. We will also discuss how women, in general, can empower and support other female leaders. Our two inspiring speakers will share with us their stories and teach us actionable advice on how to develop the leader within.


What’s in it for us? Becoming a better leader will result in living more fulfilling lives, professionally and at home. On top of that, August is Women’s month so we’ll be celebrating with bubbly, cake, live music and a few extra surprises!


There is a limited number of tickets available for this event. Grab your SPECIAL WOMEN’S MONTH tickets now before they’re sold out: http://bit.ly/2HgMKnj