Future Females Winelands – Reflect Refocus Reset I 2020 Goal-Setting

Please join us for an evening of reflection to refocus your intentions and hit that reset button just in time to gift yourself with some fresh goals for 2020!



Before she leaves for the French snowy Alps, we’ve asked our Future Females Stellenbosch chapter founder and ambassador, Camille Olianti, to share her phenomenal 2019 journey with us and the exciting plans she has for YOU in 2020!


Camille will open up about her road to entrepreneurship, how she landed 6th woman position at one of the world’s toughest 100km+ trail races, why she raised R25k in the process, her climb to the highest mountain of Europe (4810m) and what daring business she is launching next year.



Lente Kritzinger of Blooming Yogi is a mindfulness, yoga and Pilates teacher and an aspiring transformation coach. Lente will share her inspiring journey of self-discovery, why you are the only one standing in your way and how to start manifesting your dream business today.


Please join us in rocking your best (or worst) tassels and baubles to create a bit of festive spirit! Homemade Santa suits, Christmas sweaters, reindeer make-up are all welcome, we love it so don’t be shy!


Sign up here: http://bit.ly/32K8IH1