LaunchLab’s Ideas Programme is the platform where early-stage startups and concepts begin to build from vision to reality, and where we facilitate valuable connections with our network of strategic partners.

2018 Ideas Programme Partners

Focus Areas

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Businesses that use artificial intelligence to sell FMCGs, help place buildings, farm, manufacture, etc.

Smart Cities

Cities of the future need smart solutions and our clients want your help developing these solutions.


Technology applied specifically to the insurance industry, regarding devices, wearables, data and new models for insurance.

Agritech and Food

Unique South African food products and processes as well digital and biological technology applied to agriculture.


Connected devices means more information to make our lives easier and more efficient. Help our clients with your IoT concepts that can transform their supply chains and make customers’ lives better.


Each industry that mainly acts as a middleman between producers and consumers of material or digital goods and services is vulnerable to being replaced by systems built with blockchain.


Disruptive technologies in the financial services industry that can transform the way we interact with money

Advanced Manufacturing

This was a strength in SA for a long time, and it can be again with the digital skills in the country being applied to this emerging industry.


The world is on a drive to sustainability and South Africa is no different. Submit your ideas to help South Africa harness its natural resources better and recycle what we have already used.


We work with Stellenbosch University, and other universities in SA, to identify innovative edutech solutions that can help contribute to new models of education to empower students to create jobs and add value to broader society.

Social and Environmental Startups

We look for startups that have a social aspect to their business. Not just money-making whatever it takes, but rather profitable business with a conscience.

Info Sessions

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We will be holding info sessions at various partner campuses around South Africa to provide context to the opportunities with LaunchLab and our corporate partners.

20 August, 12pm – 1pm – Tshimologong Precinct

23 August, 11am – 2pm – University of Pretoria Piazza

29 August, 12pm – 1pm – East London

28 August, 12pm – 1pm – The LaunchLab

30 August, 12pm – 1pm – Port Elizabeth

The Process


Between 1 August 2018 and 28 September 2018 we will be receiving 3 minute video pitches online. You can upload a file on our website in the form below, send it as a link or send it through WeTransfer.

We will be holding info sessions at various partner campuses around South Africa to provide context to the opportunities with LaunchLab and our corporate partners.


After receiving hundreds of entries, we will filter 20-40 startups to run through a 2 week of a value proposition design crash course.  During this time we will determine if we have the resources and network to be able to add value to the startups and help them toward success.

After 2 weeks of this, we will select the shortlist to pitch to a panel of judges from our partners for entry into our incubation programmes.

Pitching Platform/Show Case

The shortlist will be invited to our Ideas Pitching Platform, where they will get 4 minutes to pitch their business.  Then our judges will have 4 minutes to ask questions of the entrepreneurs.

At the end of the event, the LaunchLab Crew with our judges will select those startups that will join our community and incubation programmes to build towards engaging with our corporate partners.

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The startups selected will enter into LaunchLab’s incubation programmes, where the startups will go through our Build and Countdown programmes as they prepare for Lift-Off!

Here you will engage with our key corporate partners, discover and develop your customers; design your value proposition, business model and strategy; and put together a due diligence dataroom to make your startup a vehicle for funding.


  • Value Proposition Design
  • Business Model Design
  • Strategy Design


  • Enterprise Customer Readiness
  • Investment Readiness

Past Challenges