LaunchLab Fellowship Programme

We are seeking fellows to take part in our inaugural fellowship programme.

In 2018 we will host our inaugural fellowship programme, the key objective of our Fellowship Programme is to  motivate the critical mass of aspirational  students who are on a path to purpose discovery, aligned with the divine will, and strengthened by the growth of collaborative communities. We aim to simply bridge the gap within our currently existing value chain as an incubator, and facilitate more valuable connections.

We hope to inspire, teach, guide, support and unleash the critical mass of problem solvers, particularly university students, in Stellenbosch,  guiding them along the path to purpose discovery and impact creation.

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Some key items in the Fellowship Programme are:

-This will be for students that are past their first year at Stellenbosch University, including International Students.

-The fellows will get access to the same programmes that our startups have access to, and will be guided through the programme by a member of the LaunchLab team.

-The fellows will be given a product/technology to apply what they are learning to as they go through the Lean Iterator and Countdown programmes.

-The fellows will be available to help at various LaunchLab events to assist in scaling our team’s efforts and to give them exposure to Stellenbosch’s top entrepreneurs.

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Key Activities

-We hope to pilot the fellowship program with the following activities;

-Product development/makerspace activities (Intel Trainees)

-Monthly meetups (mock pitching challenge) and breakthrough innovation impact stories

-Preferred access to LaunchLab entrepreneurship programs. (Like the SEW or SA Innovation summit)

-Helping at LaunchLab talks, Meetups hosted by our partners, and other events

-Work with LaunchLab startups

-Graduate as contenders for our breakthrough Innovation Challenges

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Who is eligible?

-Stellenbosch University students

-Research groups and engineering student groups

Students from other universities where we are networked-

-International Students studying in Stellenbosch

-Students available for a minimum of six months period of participation. Can be extended to a full year.

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