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Ideas Programme

Our corporate partners have issued innovation challenges. Does your idea have what it takes?

If your idea has the potential to change or improve the way large corporates work, join our Ideas Programme and pitch it to our corporate partners. If it’s relevant to one of our current challenges, we want to hear it.

Validate your idea in two simple steps…

The Details

We provide a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to address the challenges of our partners. These partners provide startups with one of the most precious resources they could receive: access to market.

Entrepreneurs only get 3 minutes to record a video pitch.  LaunchLab provides no facilities for visual aids, but props and demo devices are allowed.  Any content beyond the 3 minutes will not be considered in the judging.

We look for the following criteria in the pitches that we receive:

  1. A two sentence summary of the business.
  2. What is your customers’ problem?
  3. How do you solve it?
  4. What is your progress so far?
  5. What are your next steps?
  6. Anything else we should know?


Our Ideas Programme is the development pipeline to get ready to pitch in our Corporate Innovation Challenges.


We work with our partners to frame their challenges and engage with the entrepreneurial community.  We bring entrepreneurs and established companies together to come up with solutions.

With our partners we host a session where entrepreneurs can engage with our corporate partner executives to hear from them directly what challenges they are facing and what opportunities exist to do business with them. Instead of finding problems to apply solutions to, we work with our partners to empower entrepreneurs to take on real problems head-on.

From there, entrepreneurs frame their business pitch using the candid input from our partners to have the best chance at landing a pilot project.

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