LaunchLab startup, Jobbie is increasing job creation and looking to scale

Jobbie is a mobile app that can help you get any odd job done by connecting you to trusted workers


We all know the challenge when something breaks in our home or office and we need someone to fix it. We are faced with the time consuming, tedious challenge of finding someone reliable and to get the job done at an affordable rate. Jobbie was born when founders, Eugene Coetzee and Jan Vosloo realised that there was a need for a community-driven platform that will make it easy for customers to be connected with the right workers.


Since their time at varsity, Eugene and Jan sought for ways to use technology to make a change in the South African work environment. South Africa faces a 42,40% unemployment and poverty rate (source: Statistics South Africa). Jobbie was an opportunity to increase job creation as there are too many skilled, hard-working people that just need to be connected with customers who want to outsource a job.


With their background in Computer Science, they developed the app that could help workers connect to customers in a convenient, faster and more secure way. All workers go through an extensive verification process, including reference checks. You can view the ratings the workers have received for other jobs before appointing them and payment is done securely through the mobile app.


Building this startup has not been an easy journey for the two entrepreneurs. “We have not had the element of luck yet, it is all hard work and perseverance now with a lot of support from family and friends,” says Jan. Eugene and Jan learned a hard, yet valuable lesson when they were based in Cape Town but started with a soft launch in Gauteng. They learned that it is crucial to be close and hands-on with your target market, especially when starting out.


After changing their focus entirely on the Northern Suburbs in Cape Town, Jobbie has the following impressive stats:

  • 3394 customers on the platform
  • 1954 workers
  • 2845 jobs have been posted of which 46% are from repeat customers.


It’s challenging building a startup on your own. “We investigated a couple of startup incubators in Cape Town and Stellenbosch to help develop the Jobbie business but LaunchLab stood out from the rest.” Going through the LaunchLab orbit readiness platform was crucial for the founders as it helps startups to think of specific parts of their business that needs a little tender love and care. The founders have been committed and focused on doing the LaunchLab programmes.


Monthly meetings with Brandon Paschal, their LaunchLab mentor, helped them with a structured plan to be funding and investment-ready. Since their knowledge was on the technical side of the app development, mentoring has helped Jan and Eugene get themselves and their business in order. Having excelled in Cape Town, Jobbie is now looking for funding to scale towards Gauteng.


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