Machine Learning Hackathon with UBER & Zindi

Calling all data scientists or aspiring data scientists!




In October 2019, Uber will be launching Uber Movement in Cape Town, South Africa. Uber Movement is a free tool that uses Uber’s anonymized data from millions of trips to help urban planners make significant decisions about their city.

The hack will build a machine learning model that predicts when and where vehicle and pedestrian accidents are likely to take place in the Western Cape for SANRAL.




Data scientists or aspiring data scientists, based in the Western Cape. Anyone interested in building machine learning models. It will help if you have some familiarity with R or Python. Entry into the hackathon will be limited to the first 100 data scientists. Bring your own laptop! Win cash prizes!

For students and data scientists based in Cape Town, a bus will be available from UCT to the Launch Lab.

  • Pickup time: 7:30, return: 17:30
  • Pickup place: Outside of the UCT sports center


What’s on the program?


The full-day hackathon will include:

  • Technical orientation to the challenge from data science mentors
  • Work with your team to build a machine learning model
  • Submit your results to the Zindi platform
  • R7,500 in prizes awarded to the top solutions at the end of the day!


Sign up for the event and find out more here: