You need innovative solutions.

You want to shape the world.

You want to make a difference.

We are here to help.


Partner with us to transform your portfolio, your organisation or yourself.

Whether you want to find the best startups to invest, infuse innovation within your company, gain hands-on entrepreneurial experience  or contribute to creating a vibrant ecosystem, we are here with tailored, tested solutions.

If you are looking to shape the world through entrepreneurship then we are looking to work with you.

Circle of partners

Our Circle of Partners consists of 30+ international investors, foundations, development finance institutions and commercial partners that offer our startups access to mentoring, markets & funding.


The opportunities and ways to get involved in LaunchLab are not one-size fits all. They can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Below are a few examples of ways other mission-aligned partners have been involved:


Sponsor an incubator, invest in a startup, recommend a company for incubation, license our incubation programme, provide mentoring & expert support


Serve as an expert or mentor, take part in an entrepreneurial program, sponsor an incubator, invest in a startup, connect us to broader partner opportunities


Sponsor an incubator or entrepreneurial program, invest in a startup, hold innovation challenges, purchase consulting or corporate venturing services, provide mentoring


License our incubator curriculum, partner together on initiatives, create startup exchanges


Fund our companies directly, provide mentoring, become an entrepreneur

Partner Application

If you share our passion to grow industry, employment and knowledge across the Global South then please reach out to us

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