Perspective is Everything

We live in a fast-paced world and it is getting even faster. Blah, blah, blah…  You’ve heard it all before. Even though it is true we all keep on moving as fast as we can because we follow the crowd.  You know it is true that you have to be patient but if everyone is building the next great business right next to you, so how can you sit still?


You have to ‘hustle’ to get ahead.  Entrepreneurs work harder than anyone else.  Sleep is for losers. We have heard all these questionable statements before.  Perhaps they work sometimes, but not all the time. It is difficult to see your way once you are busy with the next line of code, the next meeting, more product features or putting together the billion-dollar pitch.  You start losing perspective of why you started in the first place.


Don’t Waste a Crisis


The reality is that we only pause to reflect and gain perspective when we are forced.  As startup entrepreneurs, the adrenaline, dopamine, and oxytocin keep your attention focused on the job at hand – the next call, appointment or task.  Only once something goes wrong do we perhaps pause and ask questions like how did I get here, why did this go wrong or how can I be better.


Many high-performing individuals are then very hard on themselves because they failed.  The crisis is seen as something to be ashamed of.


But today you have the opportunity to reframe your crisis, past or present.


We have the power to create new meaning and thereby release new energy to take on the new chapter of your life.


There are three aspects to create meaning out of any situation.  The trick for entrepreneurs is to master your own meaning in order to incorporate failure as a key part of your growth.

Once you encounter any situation you need to decide you want to respond and not react – this takes practice.  Start with the small things in your life – conflict between founders, traffic, moody kids, etc. Once you encounter the challenge ‘catch yourself in the act’ of reacting.  Identify what you are focusing on in that instance. Is my partner trying to be difficult or are we merely finding the middle ground?


Once you can shift your focus your language falls in line.  Once your language and focus are aligned your physiology also falls in line.  You have now created a new state of being. If you keep on practicing and mastering yourself in this way you have taken the power of perspective and have lead yourself and others to a higher place in the organisation.


Repetition Brings Mastery


Once you have started this journey of elevated living you need to continue and practice as much as possible.  Your mind wants to go back to the bad habits of victimhood. Many entrepreneurs don’t even realise that when they react instead of responding they are inadvertently falling prey to the deception that they have no control and want to blame someone else.


If you want to lead other people and build a successful company you need to start with the right perspective.  You have ultimate control – the control of your perspective and emotions in order to release productivity and profitability.


Pursue meaning.  The money will follow.


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Written by J-D Nel, LaunchLab Portfolio Manager