Stellenbosch Digital LaunchLab Talk: ‘Digital products: Building, growing and gaining traction’

It’s the August Stellenbosch Digital LaunchLab Talk and Nicholas Rixon, Chief Growth Officer at Tencent Africa will be speaking on ‘Digital products: Building, growing and gaining traction’.  As CGO, his role is to help scale Tencent products throughout Africa, focusing on product and marketing experimentation and innovation.


Nicholas has been involved in the Internet/Technology space since 2010, with Mobile (Smartphone) as the vital area of importance since 2011. He has had the privilege of building and raising money to build great products in the startup space as a founder and at 4i as a Product Director. Five years ago he decided to join the corporate world at Tencent, where he has continued his Product focus with multi-territory teams in Africa and China. His focus has
always been on creating innovative and relevant consumer-based applications, that solve a real problem, in the technology space. Nicholas has built mobile products in FinTech, Music Streaming, Shopping/Retail, M-Commerce, Education, Productivity, Health, B2B, Entertainment (Video Streaming), Travel and Sports.


Please join us for this very exciting event of networking and hearing about Nicholas’ journey.


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