LaunchLab and Stellenbosch Digital Talk: ‘The State of SA’s Startup Ecosystem and the Role Stellenbosch Plays’

There is no doubt that the South African startup scene is one of the most vibrant on the African continent. With lots of problems to solve, there are opportunities for entrepreneurs everywhere.


Join Brandon Paschal, Incubation Manager of the LaunchLab, and Renier Kriel, CEO and Founder of 4i, as they discuss the state of the South African startup eco-system and the role that Stellenbosch has to play. Together, they have more than 20 years experience working for, and with digital startups across various sectors in South Africa.


We are going to chat fundraising, challenges startup face, opportunities that exist and tons of case studies of things startups did that worked. If you are a startup founder, planning to be one or interested in the startup world, do not miss this!


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