From Stellenbosch to Cape Town, StellieTech Continues to Soar in Launching Their Second Branch

Edtech companies are revolutionising the education industry and StellieTech is at the forefront of transforming the learning experience. The demand for affordable, good quality education is increasing and has lead to the boom in StellieTech’s growth.


2019 Started off with a bang for StellieTech, one could argue that they have now flown further from their proverbial nest here at the LaunchLab and, with a proven track record of trainee satisfaction, decided to branch out and start StellieTech Cape Town.


A long time ago StellieTech set a goal to open a second facility by 2020. Well, its 2019, a year early and they have done it. StellieTech Cape Town is situated in Woodstock in the Old Castle Brewery, a business hub where they can cater to a broader individual and corporate market.


The Stellietech product offering has expanded from software training to customised courses where they are now able to create courses for almost any company. Over 250 courses have been delivered to companies online and over 987 students have successfully completed their training at the StellieTech centres. StellieTech has created five jobs without any startup funding, capital or investments. The average training time per student is 16 hours which equals 15 792 hours of continuous training delivered by only five trainers. To top it off, StellieTech has successfully been awarded a staff training contract with Stellenbosch University for 2 years in a row.


StellieTech’s revenue has increased by the following:

  • 2015 – 2016: 106% increase in revenue
  • 2016 – 2017: 47% increase in revenue
  • 2017 – 2018: 105% increase in revenue


The LaunchLab has been ideal for StellieTech to set up their office and get off the ground. It has provided a safe facility for their trainees with the added value of Damascus Road Coffee Shop. Furthermore, StellieTech has made valuable connections by being a resident in LaunchLab where they maximised on the various programmes and events. They have had the ability to measure their success with the other resident startups in LaunchLab which has pushed them to achieve more and strive to be better.


StellieTech has a goal to make education accessible to anyone. Having social investment top of mind, they plan on opening a facility in Khayelitsha where they will be creating free courses to upskill the community. Over 30 candidates received a combined training time of 240 hours for less than R20 per person. Moreover, this ambitious company plans on opening as many facilities as possible with an estimated expansion to Johannesburg by August 2019. After smashing their goal to open a facility in Cape Town in record time, there is no doubt that StellieTech will continue to prosper with many more successes.


They are extremely excited to have Dylan Evans running the show in Cape Town, a vibrant individual who helped put the foundation of what StellieTech is today, together.


If you are an individual or a corporate in Cape Town, that is interested in workforce efficiency,  have a chat with Dylan at or visit their website at