We have defined five focus areas/verticals that we prioritise when considering new business ideas.  These are explained briefly below with the help of some of our industry partners.

Fintech & Big Data

In our Fintech vertical we are referring to the facilitating and simplifying of the payment process for all people and businesses.  Big Data refers to the capturing, processing, analysing and reporting on huge and complex data sets.  We are looking for business ideas that facilitate payments for goods and services, and that make sets of incoherent data useful to society.

Agritech & Food

Agritech is the use of new tools, machinery, methods and products in agriculture.  We look for ideas that improve the productivity of farmers and feed people more effectively.

We also look at new food brands that are in line with health trends or new ways to add value to agricultural products for the end consumer.

Paid Media

In Paid Media, we refer to the significant market for the attention of customers and consumers.  We look to support businesses that provide new and disruptive ways to deliver and cultivate media, as well as provide a platform to advertise a product or service.


EduTech, or Education Technology, is the effective use of technological tools in learning.  We look at ideas that include new materials, new mediums, innovative techniques and any idea that uses technology to improve the transfer and retention of knowledge and skills.


Cleantech is any product or service that improves operational performance, productivity, or efficiency while reducing costs, inputs, energy consumption, water use, waste or environmental pollution.  We look for businesses that address energy and water supply issues, reduce waste and optimise consumption.


If your business idea does not fit into any of our specifically defined focus verticals, we to provide the opportunity for exceptional business ideas to have a space at the LaunchLab.  Your business idea must be a product, not a service, and it must also innovate or disrupt the area that you are seeking to compete in.