Water and Waste Management Challenge

Help manage water and waste better

We are in the middle of a water crisis and the migration to the Western Cape is not slowing down. With the increasing demand on our natural resources we need businesses that are addressing these most fundamental opportunities.

The Water and Waste Management Challenge

March to June 2017

Stellenbosch University is committed to making science and innovation relevant for society.  Because of this, SU’s outgoing COO is engaging with the Stellenbosch community represented by the Stellenbosch Innovation District (SID) to take up this Water and Waste Management Challenge to look for solutions to this local, national and international crisis.

 The focus this time to conceptualize, promote and organize a challenge in the very critical environmental areas of water and waste management. We are particularly interested in identifying solutions in the following categories:

  • Water and waste management solutions that improve the quality of our water sources
  • Water filtration and treatment solutions
  • Water saving solutions
  • Water and waste recycling solutions
  • Water and waste management solutions for agriculture

The Challenge Workshop

We will be hosting a workshop to engage with the Stellenbosch entrepreneurial community on some of the details of the current opportunities in Stellenbosch in water and waste management.  This workshop will take place at the Nedbank Stellenbosch University LaunchLab, and will also be broadcast live on the web.


After discussions with our panel and the participation of the 70+ people in attendance at the workshop, we collectively came up with these 4 themes that we would like to see business ideas pitched for:

  1. Waste as a Resource
  2. Reducing water waste
  3. Water measurements and analytics
  4. Localised community services

Pitching Platform

Pitch recording process

The submission process starts off with a 3-minute video recorded pitch, which can be filmed by the participants remotely and then submitted online (via wetransfer), or at one of the scheduled locations listed below. Here, the first round of entries will be identified and assessed.

Submission requirements

Each candidate will get no more than 3 minutes to record their idea at our various recording venues, and will get a maximum of 2 takes within the 10 minute time slot aloted.  There will be no provision for presenting slides.

If submissions are received via wetransfer, only the first 3 minutes of the pitch will be considered.

During the pitch participants must focus on these key points;

  • Identification of problem and need
  • Value proposition – business to solve the problem
  • How the business intends to make money
  • Stage of development
  • Team

We will be at the following venues on the dates listed below:

3rd April Nedbank Stellenbosch University LaunchLab
5th April Center for Student Communities 11 Bosman St.
6th April USB Bellville Park
10th April SU Library
11th April Nedbank Stellenbosch University LaunchLab
13th April Nedbank Stellenbosch University LaunchLab
18th April USB Bellville Park
20th April SU Library
25th April Center for Student Communities 11 Bosman St.
26th April USB Bellville Park

What’s next?

We will communicate by 8 May who has been selected for the final event, which is currently scheduled for 17 May.  This date is subject to change.

Entries will close on May 5 both in person and online via wetransfer.

Winners will receive their share of R50000 cash in addition to incubation support from the LaunchLab up to the value of R80000.